As a trader, you know that it’s important to make informed, intelligent and timely decisions, to make the most from the market and increase your bottom line and protect deposit at the same time. Not easy at the best of times, certainly in these more uncertain years. It’s equally important to make sure that the company that executes your trades, does so, correctly, accurately and professionally - as well as making sure that the fees or spreads you are paying are not extortionate.

In a recent report, most traders were found to have simply stayed with their first broker. What’s more, many were found to be losing money from their trades because they simply do not look for a better deal.

Even those that are first time traders and opening their first account, tend to not shop around for the best deal and end up paying more in the longer term.

Don’t forget; Brokers charge for the execution of the trade, whether that’s a flat fee, commission based or hidden in the spread. Whether you profit or not from that trade, the broker gets their fee.

Why then do most traders, new and old, do not move?

One simple reason, time! We call it the three ‘T’s<

Time in finding the best deal, when there are more brokers now, hungry for your business. Time to research those you’ve found to make sure your money is safe and Time in moving accounts and managing the whole process, whilst, still of course being able to trade.

It all takes time, to research, to work on ‘due diligence’ and to manage the transition from one broker to another, or in the case of a new trader, to apply and manage that application of the account. This excludes any time and effort in negotiating with the broker, to get the best deal.

BeSmart Limited is a free service for you whether established and new traders, which through our contacts within the industry, provides us unique access to the best brokers, the best deals and what’s more, we negotiate the most competitive deal for you directly with the broker. There is no obligation for you to accept our recommendation, but we can’t see why you wouldn’t, when we also manage the transition or the application process for you too.

Look at the facts!

Regardless of whether you are a new or established trader, it makes sense to find the best deal that’s right for you. BeSmart Limited has the experience and the ability to work on your behalf, free of charge, to find you that hidden gem of an account. We research, work on our contacts and negotiate hard for all of our clients. There is no fee, there is no obligation and we manage the whole process for you. It’s safe, secure, free and will save you a fortune.

Do the right thing, BeSmart let us work for you.

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The process is simple:
  1. You fill out a simple form
  2. We approach our contacts within the industry
  3. We negotiate a better deal with a new, or even your existing broker
  4. We provide you with the results of negotiations with all the brokers
  5. You have 7 days to decide whether you wish to accept or not - there is no obligation.
  6. If you do, we manage the transition for you, from one broker to the other. Allowing you to continue to trade. Note: That we do not at any time hold any of your funds.