You are a trader, you work hard, long hours and you take calculated risk. Why then do most traders, new or experienced, decide to not investigate, whether they could make more money and receive better service with a different broker. Granted, it's time consuming and difficult to get the information. What if there was a company, that specialised in listening to your needs and then finding a broker that fits them perfectly. What's more, we do this, for you, without charge or obligation. You'd be interested right?

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The Broker

A Brokers biggest continuing concern, is keeping clients and replacing clients that leave. This is what they spend millions on each year; through advertising, promotions and even free money. They then pass on these costs of aquisition of clients to the client themselves in higher fee, spreads or using own market price structures. We work on behalf of our clients, with the Brokers to provide a solution that works best for our clients and leaves the Broker happy at having a quality client.

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.. and Us

Our service is free to all our clients and carries no obligation. We understand from being traders ourselves that finding the right broker is hard and many just stay with their original broker. However our experience is that many traders are getting a poor deal and service and could easily make more money, by handing less of it to the broker in obvious or hidden fees and receive better service too. We facilitate that for you, through understanding our clients wishes and desires. We work hard to find the best deal, tailored to each and every client.

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Why do you need us?

You don't.... If you like losing money in fees, spreads or other many hidden fees and charges that can cost you dearly, whether you are starting out or experienced, then do what everyone else does.

OR... you could use our services for free. We ask some simple and straightforward questions and then using our knowledge and contacts, source the best deal for you. What's more, we build relationships with our clients and continue to help you, as a private client of ours without any fee to you.