New Traders


We are now offering our unique bespoke services to new traders too. We understand that it’s very difficult for a new trader to get an account that is likely to be competitive and enable them to grow properly as a trader.

Many new traders get ‘sucked in’ by the instant offers provided in advertising campaigns by brokers around the World. Rarely are these deals the best on offer and more so, usually the fees, spreads and commissions associated with these new ‘special offer’ accounts tend to be considerably higher.

Through our contacts within the industry, we are able to negotiate on behalf on our clients. Traditionally, we work only with established clients, but our new service for new traders brings the power of being new, and the power of numbers into play. We build up a new trader client list and ever few months, we approach the brokers with a list of new traders looking for accounts. This power of numbers, is very attractive to brokers and enables us to negotiate a better deal for those new traders, who, because we are representing a large group of traders, becomes very attractive to the broker, who will then provide a very attractive offer, only to those who we represent.

This is a unique service only available by BeSmart Limited. This is totally free, there is no commission, fee or charge. Nor do we at any time hold any client funds. All we ask, is that you are looking for a new account within the next 6 weeks as as soon as we present you with our offer, you will take action within 7 days. We can only represent new traders, if they do indeed agree to sign up to our recommendation when they apply to join us.

Please note, that not everyone that applies will be accepted. We still have to maintain a very hight standard of service to our clients and equally, if we are to get the best deal from brokers, for you the client, we need to only represent quality new and established traders.

If you want something more from your brokering account, regardless of what you are looking to trade, where ever you are in the World. We can help. Click the ‘Apply’ button to apply to join us today.

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